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How we became Sealpups on the go!

Meet our Founder

Sealpups On-The-Go is the brainchild of a mom who loves to travel and wanted to make sure that her kids had fun along the way, even if they were stuck in a car or on a plane. Sharlotte Yealdhall grew up in South Africa where she travelled extensively with her family. A passion she passed onto her children. Keeping 2 little boys entertained became a fun challenge of finding fun activities that didn't require batteries and were easy to take on any adventure. 


Sealpup pouches are so easy to take with you. We even keep one in our car

Melissa C

I love Sealpup for our travels

Dominic O.

This is sooo Awesome! Well done! Those packs really helped me on the flight with 2 little ones on my own. You rock!



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